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Mechanical Seals

Chesterton offers a wide range of mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment. Our proven component, gas, cartridge, cassette, split, and mixer seals are specifically designed to simplify installation, improve the reliability, and extend the performance of your fluid handling equipment.
Cartridge Seals
Cartridge Seals have been designed to be rugged performers in sealing applications across industry segments.They are proven performers for plant-wide standardization providing maximum reliability.
High Performance Cassette Seals
Standard options of factory or field rebuilds are easy to execute and economical. But with complete sealing cassettes available at attractive prices, it becomes possible to perform rapid re-sealing with no additional administration relating to rebuilding.
Split Seals
Why disassemble the equipment? Chesterton's Split Mechanical Seals offer a reliable sealing solution-reducing maintenance costs.
Gas Seals
Plants are no longer faced with conventional single and dual liquid cartridge seal performance limitations. That's because there's a new standard method of shaft sealing. Reach your plant reliability goals with the addition of simple gas seal technology.
Bellows Seals
Balanced nesting ripple rotary metal bellows seals for general service in the petrochemical and chemical industry.
Slurry Seals
Unique non-clog design for maximum shaft motion without hang-up, flush-free service for a wide range of slurries, cool running advanced technology monolithic faces.
Mixer Seals
Motion tolerant and instant pressure shift capability eliminates worries under jarring purge and reverse pressure cycles. Vibration isloated faces thrive under conditions of drag and shear that destroy common seals.
Component Seals
Fits all DIN, ISO, ANSI and other popular pumps, no shaft sleeve wear, Self-aligning capability, All wearing parts, seal faces, o-rings,screws and springs are replaceable at low cost.
Specialty Seals
Specialty seal designs are specifically designed for specific equipment or those hard-to-seal applications in various industries. They incorporate many Chesterton design features to deliver the improved sealing performance levels desired.
Support Systems
Products designed to improve seal performance levels by enhancing the environment in which they operate. Chesterton offers seal support tanks, Flowmeters, Environmental controllers and other assorted products to help meet MTBR goals.
Bearing Protection
Break the cycle of downtime caused by lip seal related failures. GBS Face Seals seal out virtually all external sources of contamination for Maximum protection against bearing failure.